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Szjerdene X Konsanszky

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British singer Szjerdene adores Konsanszky

Music and fashion, vision and sound. How does a fashion designer create who is inspired by music, instead of primary visual impulse? We talked with Dora Konsanszky and Szjerdene about music and inspiration and the famous ’Szjerdene’ dress what was worn by its eponym in Ibiza (from SS16 Absentee collection)!



Most of the fashion designers get inspiration from visual elements like fine art, architecture, (pattern) design. But Dora Konsanszky is a unique exception: her hands are often driven by the world and rythm of music. ’Music and visuality are not separable: if I am listening to music it brings up a picture for me. I travel to different styles with songs. I imagine a feeling after music and that is what helps me in design’ – told Dora. Undeniably she likes extraordinary music what is not so popular for masses: that is why she chose British soul-jazz singer Szjerdene who has a huge crowd of fans in foreign countries as well. The singer combines instrumental and electronic elements. What is the result? A really personal and unrepeatable sound. ’Szjerdene evokes mixed feelings in me: first of all she is endowed with a sensous voice, she has a really sophisticated organ. On the other hand her music is a combination of a head-to-toe modern, electronic-indie tune with her amazing voice. So this electro-instrumental music with her feminine soul-jazz voice gives me an apocalyptic feeling’ – said the designer. Sophisticated eclectic is not far from her design aesthetics: KONSANSZKY brand is famous about its luxury quality materials. Dora evokes unmistakable style: she is combining French cuts with elements from the Far-East and alternative details. She is the master of exciting details.


"Szjerdene dress is so lightweight; it feels like you’re completely free. I enjoyed shooting on the beach in the dress because I felt like I could fly if I wanted to. The Emerald green colour I selected is so beautiful and also really compliments my skin tone. Plus, it’s amazing to have a dress named after me. I never imagined that my music would bring such an opportunity, but I am honoured that it has done so. I can’t wait to wear it again."- Szjerdene



What do you think of Dora Konsanszky’s pieces?

"I love the way she uses luxury materials and creates clothing that can be worn for all occasions. The strings and tassels make the outfits customizable so you can make dresses, sleeves and shirts the length and fit you want them to be."- Szjerdene



Written by Emese Dobos // Photos by Mar (@Marmusic)  


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